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About Ed Stanley
About Ed
Alcoholic. Syrup head. If you've known me for a while you know the deal. Current home: Unit 5 of U-Store It Self-storage. Guitar: 1944 Gibson J-45. Current favorite song: "Mammy" by Al Jolson. Anything by Greg Townson.

Aspiration: to make something of my life. To be a good man to a bad woman.

Take a guitar lesson from Ed
The "Ed lick": Finger a G-chord. Hit top string with thumb. Down-strum. Go it again.

Girls I've loved
Dora: Teeth were as bad as her grammer, but she had a heart as big as the State Fair.

Wanda: Kinda crazy (crazier after I lit her hair on fire)

Jackie: She turned me around. Then she kicked me in the ass.

Peaches: I thought she'd be sweet, but she turned out to be the pits.

Check out:
King of the Hillbilly Theremin

Got my first guitar when I was 14, then I hit the syrup, spilled it on my jeans